Board Leadership

The CSHA Board of Directors consists of ten district directors and four officers. In the current period of governance transition, the board also has three directors-at-large.

The board is committed to maintaining a thoughtful, dedicated, diverse composition among its members, with a focus on individual contribution to the board’s shared governance role.

Meet the Board

Officers/Board Governance Committee

Raquel Narain

Chair (2020-21)

Michele Linares

Chair-Elect (2020-21)

Linda Pippert

Immediate Past Chair (2020-21)

Chris Wenger

Secretary/Treasurer (2020-21)

District Directors

Sophie Miles

Director, District 1 (2019-21)

Sean Green

Director, District 2 (2020-22)

Katy Duffy-Sherr

Director, District 3 (2019-21)

Amy Haught

Director, District 4 (2020-22)
CSHA Bio Image for Susana V. Rodriguez, MA, CCC-SLP

Susana Rodriguez

Director, District 5 (2019-21)

Jessie Ginsburg

Director, District 6 (2020-22)

Norma Lopez-Rivera

Director, District 7 (2019-21)

Leann Schouten

Director, District 8 (2020-2022)

Kristen Nahrstedt

Director, District 9 (2019-21)

Ivan Campos

Director, District 10 (2020-2022)

Directors at Large

Shellie Bader

Director at Large (2019-21)
Helen Demetrion

Helen Demetrion

Director at Large (2019-21)

Holly Kaiser

Director at Large (2019-21)

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To see how CSHA is structured, you can also view our organizational chart.