Teletherapy Webinar

Teletherapy Webinar

Part 2, Held on April 14, 2020

Viewing and writing down a schedule

As a follow-up to our wildly successful teletherapy webinar last month, CSHA offered a free follow-up session on April 14. The two-hour session was offered exclusively to CSHA members and registrants of this year’s canceled annual convention.

This session featured Linda Pippert, CSHA board chair, Beth Nishida, executive director of the Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District SELPA, and Melissa Jakubowitz, president of eLiveNow.

Topics included within the presentation:

  • Licensing, credentialing, telesupervision and updates from DCA/SLPAHADB
  • Special education, related laws and regulations
  • Technical Issues: How to use the platforms and which platforms do what?
  • Q&A session on teletherapy.

CEU’s: Due to the strong demand for a timely follow-up teletherapy session and the quick turnaround time to provide urgently requested practical guidance, this session does not offer ASHA or California state licensing CEUs.

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