200 by Two

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Get the latest information on research studies, tools and guides important to the field of speech-language pathology and audiology, including our CSHA ‘200 by Two’ Resource Kit–Your guide to language development in infant and toddlers.

Your Guide to Language Development in Infants and Toddlers

Communication and language skills start at birth

Communication and language skills can go from zero to 200 in a child’s earliest years. Starting at birth with only the simplest sounds and expressions, children quickly progress to using gestures, words and phrases. By the end of age 2, the average child will have about 200 words.

Understanding Age-Appropriate Communication Skills

So, how do you know if a child is on track? And what do you do if you’re concerned they may not be? The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association has assembled this resource kit to answer those and other questions. Among the showcased resources is our video, “200 by Two: An Early Intervention Guide on Communication and Language Development,” which identifies easily observable, age-appropriate communication skills and explains what to do if a child isn’t exhibiting them.

A Resource Kit Developed for Everyone

In addition to this great video, you’ll find articles, websites, apps and more. Whether you’re a parent, physician, educator or speech-language pathologist, you can use these resources to evaluate where a child is on the path to age-appropriate language skills and determine if intervention or support is needed.