Our Path Forward, Together

Our vision keeps our focus. Our mission drives us toward that vision.


Effective governance, as established by the board of directors, supports our direction to ensure that CSHA is on the strategic path forward.

Governance rests with the CSHA board of directors, operating according to a set of member-approved bylaws and board-approved policies, working in close collaboration with the organization’s management company to set strategic direction, provide necessary resources, and make key decisions that CSHA staff then implement to meet member needs.

Our leadership structure includes regional districts, committees, task forces, and other groups, making volunteer engagement an integral component of CSHA success.

Organized to Lead & Succeed

The CSHA board of directors, as provided for in the organization’s bylaws and governing board policies, sets the strategic direction for the association. That work is supported by our regional districts, committees, volunteers and staff.

Board of Directors

The CSHA Board of Directors consists of ten district directors and four officers:

  • Chair
  • Chair Elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Immediate Past Chair

In the current period of governance transition, the board also has four directors-at-large. The board has the authority to add elected or appointed seats to the board as it deems appropriate, but at no time may the board be comprised of less than 14 members or more than 18 members.

As reflected in Governing Board Policy 2.1, Governing Philosophy and Values, the CSHA board is committed to governing lawfully, using sound governance principles and best practices, with a style that emphasizes: integrity and truthfulness in all of its practices; outward vision; encouragement of diversity in viewpoints; strategic leadership more than administrative detail; clear distinction of board and staff roles; collective decisions; and focus on the future.

The members of the CSHA Board of Directors are the seated directors of the nonprofit corporation. This role carries with it substantive responsibilities (see Board Governing Policy 2.3 Governing Board Role and Shared Responsibilities).

The board is committed to maintaining a thoughtful, dedicated, diverse composition among its members, with a focus on individual contribution to the board’s shared role.


CSHA Committees serve to support the vision and mission of the organization.

CSHA Members working together


There are 10 regional districts across the state that support the work of the association.