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CSHA advocates in the best interests of our members and those they serve on legislative and regulatory issues at the state and national levels.

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Capital Building

CSHA provides policy and political leadership on critical issues through a variety of programs and special projects.

Find out how you can get involved with CSHA to help advocate for smart policy and monitor legislation that could influence the practices of the CSHA community.

To start, review the CSHA Advocacy Platform for more detail and information.

CSHA Advocacy Network

Join your CSHA colleagues in monitoring and advocating on behalf of critical legislative and policy issues.

CSHA is thrilled to launch its long-planned Advocacy Network for members! By joining the network, CSHA Advocacy Network members will receive:

  • Timely policy and legislative updates via texts and emails
  • Urgent calls to action
  • Insightful policy updates
  • And more!

This new member benefit allows members to directly communicate with their legislators on issues of key importance to CSHA, its members, consumers, and the broader speech language hearing community.

Advocacy has become ever-more critical in recent years, with new challenges arising and longstanding issues magnified by the pandemic. CSHA has risen to the challenge, building strong relationships with the Legislature, the licensing board, the Department of Consumer affairs, and other leaders who impact the profession and those we serve. Our work has been key to the profession during this time, including successful advocacy on waivers that have kept countless colleagues at work during the pandemic.

The new online CSHA Advocacy Network increases our collective impact even more!

If you’re a CSHA member, you can easily join the network by logging in to the Advocacy Network page at this LINK.

Major Issues

Professional Practice and Workforce Issues

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists are the leading professionals uniquely trained to assess and treat communication disorders. It is essential that licensure and certification requirements for the professions are preserved, the professions’ defined scope of practice is protected, a robust graduate and undergraduate student pipeline is supported, workplace safety is promoted, and competence in working with diverse populations is increased.

Schools Issues

CSHA members provide critical evidence-based services and supports to students with exceptional needs, including those from diverse populations. These services and supports build functional and meaningful communication skills and facilitate academic achievement. It is essential that all students have meaningful access to appropriately resourced speech-language pathology and audiology services.

Health Care Issues

SLPs and audiologists provide medically necessary services that result in positive health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life. It is essential that speech-language pathology and audiology services are comprehensively covered and equitably reimbursed by public and private payers.

Patient, Client and Student Issues

Effectively assessing and treating communication disorders is determined by the individual needs of each patient, client or student. It is essential that public policies are structured to support individuals with communication disorders and ensure that those individuals have meaningful access to the evidence-based care they require.

  • Learn more about CSHA’s priorities in this area, including additional information related to Early Intervention highlighted below.

Licensing Board

ADVOCACY UPDATE August 2023 –  Licensing Board Meeting


Burns Rate Study:
Department of Developmental Services

Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 4519.4 (d), added by Chapter 28, Statutes of 2019 (SB 81, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review), the Department shall post to its website a summary of the public comments received related to the rate models including departmental responses to those comments and any appropriate and necessary changes to the rate models contained in the rate study by October 1, 2019.

200 by Two

Get the latest information on research studies, tools and guides important to the field of speech-language pathology and audiology, including our latest CSHA 200 by Two Resource Kit – Your guide to language development in infant and toddlers.

Be sure to watch the 200 by Two video to learn more!

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Policy Resources

Advocacy Updates

• Early Intervention
Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force
• Education Code Task Force

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Not sure who your State Senate or Assembly representative is?  You can use this official service provided by the California State Legislature to find your State representatives.

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Donate to support CSHA political action activities, including the encouragement of SLPs, SLPAs, and audiologists to take a more active and effective role in governmental affairs, as well as to support candidates for public office, without regard to party affiliation, who are supportive of CSHA legislative objectives.

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