CSHA Committees

Board Committees

Board Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Janet Reyes, Chair
  • Francine Wenhardt
  • Brandon Osario
  • Sandra Rodriguez, SLPA
  • Abigale Geodecke, Student Rep

Board Finance Committee

  • Susana Rodriguez, Chair
  • Meghan Sparling
  • Lisa D’Angelo
  • Katherine McKernan
  • Sarah Bishop

Board Governance Committee

  • Marcella McCollum, Chair
  • Robert McKinney, Chair-elect
  • Susana Rodriguez , Secretary-Treasurer
  • Raquel Narain, Immediate Past Chair

Honors and Nominations Committee

  • Raquel Narain, Chair
  • Robert McKinney, Chair-elect
  • Brooke Findley

Operational Committees

Advocacy Committee

  • Robert McKinney, Chair

Content Advisory Committee

  • John Gomez, Chair
  • Lezlee Kerbrat
  • Alexi Gore

Convergence Program Advisory Committee

  • Caitlin Francis, Co-chair
  • Lisa D’Angelo, Co-chair

Ad Hoc Committees & Task Forces

Early Intervention Task Force

  • Kelly Arrellano, Chair
  • Deb Swain, Advisor
  • Tracey Tasker

Caseload/Workload Task Force

  • Francine Wenhardt, Chair
  • Shannon Schwerdtfeger, CTA Rep
  • Pamela Greenhalgh
  • Tracey Dobusch
  • Julie Malone
  • Lisa Chattler

Bylaws and Policies Committee

  • Bob McKinney, Chair
  • Shellie Bader

Task Force on School-Age Brain Injuries

  • Lisa D’Angelo, Chair
  • Felicia Sison Conlan

Representatives to the Board


  • Liareza Poyatos


  • Anissa Cheng, North
  • Pending, South

*Denotes the appointment is automatic, by virtue of serving in another position, as specified in Board Governing Policies.

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