We’re launching a change-making movement

We’re launching a change-making movement

We’re launching a change-making movement

Join us for “Funding the Future” during Convergence 2021

March 11, 2021, 5:30 p.m.

It’s time to make a bold movement for change. It’s time to leave 2020 behind and actively build the bright future we all want for those with communication disorders.

That’s why we’re launching the California Speech Language Hearing Association Foundation (CSHAF) Funding the Future campaign! Our official launch event will be March 11 in an online event during the Convergence 2021 Virtual Conference.

After all, there are so many “why’s” in the world right now that we must respond to, and a $1 million campaign provides the solution.

Nationally, only 55% of children with voice, speech, language or swallowing disorders receive services each year. That’s not news to the roughly 30,000 speech language pathologists, audiologists and others in the field in California. We wrestle with this gap every day, and the pandemic has only made this reality more intense.

It’s a longstanding, complex challenge to attract the numbers our profession needs to meet the demand and to make sure that the new graduates reflect California’s diverse, growing population. But the CSHA Foundation is up to the task of expanding that pipeline, and we have plenty of ideas on how to reach out.

We want to expand our work in the educational environment, supporting qualified applicants with scholarships and other programs. We envision an expansion of the number of student slots in speech pathology and audiology in our state. And we see a future that has moved beyond systemic barriers that stand in students’ way.

And we want to build the diverse workforce of the future by also:

  • Providing continuing education, networking and career guidance for early-career professionals, especially those from underrepresented groups.
  • Facilitating the importance of expanding of the number of student slots in speech pathology and audiology in California.
  • Lowering systemic barriers to entering and staying in the profession.
  • Building cultural competency and humility through trainings, communications and conversations led by peers.
  • Engaging community and leadership through our annual conference, workshops and events throughout the year.

Typically, foundations lean on major gifts and matching funds from corporations or other large donors. CSHAF certainly isn’t bypassing this tried and true approach. These resources will play an important role in our immediate and long-term efforts.

But our future won’t be traditional, and we don’t intend to build it on a traditional foundation. The Funding the Future movement is all about a grassroots campaign across the state, celebrating gifts of all sizes that will turn this plan of bridging the gap into reality. The CSHA Foundation is about the strength of its community – that’s why we’re counting on 80% of the launch funds to come from our teamwork.

This means we’re involving everyone who believes: Our profession is important to the lives we touch. Our clients should have the opportunity to work with professionals who understand their unique realities. A strong community of professional peers makes all of us better.

If this is you, get ready to make a huge impact on California. You can learn more at our live campaign launch event on March 11 at 5 p.m. during Convergence 2021, or go to www.cshafoundation.org to learn more and make your contribution now.

It’s a new day for our profession, and you can be the catalyst for change.