200 by Two

200 by Two

200 by Two

Early Intervention Guide on Communication and Language Development

By their second birthday, most children have a vocabulary of about 75-225 words and are beginning to combine words into two- to three-word phrases. While prevalence estimates vary, about 10 percent to 20 percent of 2-year-olds don’t reach this milestone and consequently may experience difficulties learning to read and mastering skills necessary for academic and social success. Children with less than 50 vocabulary words at age 2 are often referred to as “late-talkers” and may benefit from assessment and intervention with a speech-language pathologist. While limited vocabulary development at age 2 is a strong predictor of subsequent language and learning difficulties, there are also earlier signs that can trigger parents and professionals to seek early intervention. 

So, how do you know if a child is on track? And what do you do if you’re concerned they may not be? The California Speech Language Hearing Association has assembled this resource kit to answer those and other questions. Among the showcased resources is our video, “200 by Two: An Early Intervention Guide on Communication and Language Development,” which identifies easily observable, age-appropriate communication skills and explains what to do if a child isn’t exhibiting them.

In addition to this great video, you’ll find articles, websites, apps and more. Whether you’re a parent, physician, educator or speech-language pathologist, you can use these resources to evaluate where a child is on the path to age-appropriate language skills and determine if intervention or support is needed. 

A video for parents and professionals


También tenemos el video, 200 por Dos (Spanish Verison) en español.

Thank you to the former Early Intervention Committee for their contributions to this video and related resource kit.

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