New website reflects reimagined communication efforts

New website reflects reimagined communication efforts

New website reflects reimagined communication efforts

The new is here for you

We’re thrilled to launch the all-new CSHA website that provides members with better functionality, greater accessibility, easier navigation and new content.

The refreshed website is just one reflection of the CSHA volunteer board’s multifaceted commitment to elevating and improving the organization’s communications efforts.

“Our members are incredibly professional, caring people,” says CSHA CEO Brian Lewis. “They operate at a very high level in service to the people who come to them. Our website needed to be leveraged up to meet them at that place.

“The goal is to give members greater functionality, greater ability to connect and engage with each other and the organization, and the ability to better tell our members’ stories and the stories of those whom they serve.”

In addition to scaffolding up the site’s ability to serve as a primary communications tool, CSHA is diversifying communications channels, engaging social strategy in a new way and integrating print with its social, digital and web strategies.

“It’s really about a comprehensive approach to reimagining communications,” Lewis explains.

The improved website includes:

  • Simpler navigation allowing friends and site visitors from different audiences — such as members, nonmembers, families of people who need support, policymakers and lawmakers — to figure out very quickly where to find the resources they need.
  • Streamlined functionality for performing basic transactions such as joining CSHA or renewing a membership. “This should be a very simple, logical, quick process, and that’s what the new website is designed to provide,” Lewis says.
  • A more sophisticated member platform creating a digital space for members to connect and engage with one another and the organization.
  • Contemporary, user-friendly and robust convention registration functionality.
  • A robust career center with more options for those seeking or posting career opportunities, including the ability to target and sort.
  • Greater advocacy functionality so members can connect to ongoing advocacy and policy issues if they choose.
  • Greater user control over the categories of information members want to receive.

Many of the new features are available in the initial site launch, and others will be added in later phases of the site.

In addition to overhauling the website, CSHA is reimagining its quarterly magazine.

All of these changes coincide with the launch of clarified brand position and social media strategies, which among other things, emphasize the ways that CSHA members change people’s lives.

“We can leverage social strategies to not only empower our members, but also to do a better job of telling the CSHA story,” says Lewis, whose own story included speech therapy as a child.

“I immediately have these incredibly positive feelings about my experiences with my two speech therapists in elementary school and a complete and full recognition of how that changed my life,” he says. “Our members and others in the profession touch people’s lives in remarkable ways — and that’s everything from an elementary school kid like myself who has a speech challenge to someone who suffers a head injury or suffers a stroke or has other issues that our members serve.

“Part of what we want to do is to tell the stories of the lives that our members change, and then as a result grow our capacity to help folks better understand what speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathologist assistants and audiologists do.” says Lewis

“Our goal is for members to see the website as a sign that the organization continues to be committed to serving them,” he adds. “We hope that our members and others will see it and say, ‘Hey, there’s something different happening; we really want to be a part of this.’”

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