Our Members

Compassionate professionals who make a difference

California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) members are speech pathologists, speech language pathology assistants, audiologists, students, and other related professionals throughout California.

Our members are compassionate professionals who make a difference in the lives of their patients and clients.

Together, we change lives!

CSHA is a passionate, empathetic, forward-thinking professional community that supports providers and consumers throughout their lives by providing a collaborative environment for:

  • Resources and research
  • Connections and continuing education
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Inter-professional practice
  • Strategic advocacy
  • Thought leadership 

We’re behind a movement that provides life-altering support to those with speech and hearing challenges, and those with medical issues that have limited their ability to communicate.  

 Life-changing support starts with CSHA. 

Our professional community

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

In addition to working with children and adults with speech and language disorders, speech-language pathologists also assess and treat swallowing disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, auditory processing disorders and accent modification.

Learn more about the great work our SLP members do

Watch some of our videos to see how SLPs work in medical environments and schools to appreciate the impacts they make in every day lives:

Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs)

Speech-language pathology assistants are support personnel who, following academic and/or on-the-job training, perform tasks prescribed, directed, and supervised by ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists.

Find out what it means to be a SLPA

Audiologists (AuDs)

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who provide patient-centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders for people of all ages.

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Start a rewarding career in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology and change lives through communication. Options are tremendous and the career path an individual will take will depend upon their training and individual goals. Those who accept the challenge of this profession will find the effort put forth to earn the appropriate degrees will be rewarding.

Start a rewarding career in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology

Learn what’s involved in studying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist, including the steps from undergraduate eduction to national certification as a SLP.


The vision of CSHA is a world where all people are empowered with the fundamental human right to engage and connect.


As California’s expert leaders in communication, cognition, hearing and swallowing, the mission of CSHA is to serve our profession, members, clients and community through evidence-based leadership in professional practice, strategic advocacy, thought leadership and inter-professional collaboration.