2021 CSHA Board Election

The CSHA Board of Directors approved the board and officer candidates at its January 25 meeting. The candidates were recommended to the board by the Board Nominations Committee, consistent with Board Governing Policies. Register your vote below.

In accordance with CSHA bylaws, only voting members may vote in board and officer elections. Voting members are defined as “professional” and “life” members of the association. CSHA is conducting its first electronic election, engaging one of the features of its new Association Management Software (AMS) which forms the backbone of the association’s new website (launched in Dec. 2019).

Professional and Life members may log into their account via this LINK and vote in the election. The election opens February 19 and closes on March 19.

Board Chair Elect:

Balford Philpott “Phil” McAlpin

Candidate Statement: I am seeking office because I want to be part of the current change that is happening in CSHA and help the momentum created by those currently involved continue. I want to be a part of rebuilding and rebranding CSHA and the field of speech-language pathology into a diverse, inclusive and innovative field. I want to help motivate and inspire the next generation of SLPs. I want them to inherit a profession where they feel included and one in which they have the resources to engage in research and have access to research to engage authentically in evidence-based practice.

Secretary/Treasurer Elect:

Norma Lopez-Rivera

Candidate Statement: It is an honor to serve my profession. I seek this position to contribute my wealth of knowledge in private practice, supervision, clinical skills and diversity. In return, CSHA will allow me to engage with other SLP’s that value our profession and are working collectively to sustain, and improve our organization.

Amanda (Khoe) Fazakerly

Candidate Statement: Amanda Fazakerly earned her master of science degree in biobehavioral sciences – Speech Language Pathology at Columbia University. She is currently a senior speech pathologist and team lead in acute care and rehabilitation at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. Concurrently, she is a Dean’s Scholarship recipient in the Master of Business Administration – Healthcare Management program at Johns Hopkins University. She has a demonstrated history of clinical innovation, program development and mentorship of graduate students. She is a strategic thinker and experienced services professional with the financial knowledge and collaborative skills necessary to advance CSHA’s mission.

District 7 Director Elect:

Kelly (Ibanez) Arellano

Candidate Statement: My name is Kelly Arellano, formerly Kelly Ibanez, and I am running for CSHA District 7 Director to advocate for the needs of school-based SLPs at the state level. In particular, I am most interested in helping to advocate for implementation of a statewide workload model of service delivery in school districts. I am also a bilingual SLP and plan to advocate for supporting and promoting increased diversity in our field.

Lyn Dee Harrelson

Candidate Statement: I would like the opportunity to be a part of CSHA to support any initiative to enhance the profession. CSHA is challenged to represent the vast number of providers across the state. I think I can support this effort by being open and listening to the needs of stakeholders within my district and relay those ideas to the board to represent the local needs and concerns. This organization needs support on all levels and this platform provides me an opportunity to help shape our field. I would like the opportunity to actively support the growth of our profession as CSHA’s Director for District 7.

Nominations are currently being reviewed by the Board Nominations Committee for districts 1 and 3 that were not processed by the deadline. The committee will recommend candidates to the board for appointment.