Elections and Honors Timeline

Policy 9.7 Elections Timeline

NOTE: These changes are proposed to delay the start, and extend the timing, of the nominations and elections process.

Elections for CSHA officers and directors will follow the following timeline.


  • Board Nominating Committee (BNC) drafts annual criteria for director elections.


  • BNC presents draft annual criteria for director elections to board for approval.


  • Staff communicates to members the open seats on the board and officers, opens nominations no later than August 15.
  • Nominations due to CSHA Office by October. 15.

October – November

  • BNC reviews nominations and prepares recommendations of candidates for board approval at January board meeting.


  • Board approves candidate slate.
  • Candidates are announced by CSHA staff via communications channels no later than January 30.
  • Campaigning (per new policies) commences.


  • Elections take place (via electronic elections).
  • Voting members in districts elect their respective directors.
  • Statewide voting members elect officers.


  • Election results are announced via CSHA communication channels.


  • Newly elected directors and officers are invited to attend June board meeting, which includes an orientation session.

Policy 9.8 District, State and National Honors, and Timeline


  • Staff communicates to members no later than August 15 that nominations are open for honors at both the district and state levels. (Staff also communicates timelines relative to national honors presented by ASHF and CSAP.)
  • District and state honors nominations are due to the CSHA office by October 15.
  • CSHA office verifies status of nominations received by deadline and forwards district nominations to district director (who also serves as chair of the District Advisory and Honors Committee), and state nominations to chair of State Honors Committee.


  • District Advisory and Honors Committee reviews nominations and selects recipients of the various district honors.
  • State Honors Committee reviews nominations and selects recipients of the various state honors.
  • Committees inform the CSHA office by December 15 of selected recipients.


  • Staff communicates to recipients and congratulates them.
  • Recipients are announced by CSHA office via CSHA communications channels.


  • Recipients are honored as appropriate at the CSHA Convention.