2015 Call For Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS – Deadline to Submit: August 1, 2014

The CSHA Convention Program Committee announces the Call for Papers for the 2015 State Convention. Proposals that reflect the multi-faceted diagnostic and therapeutic challenges that characterize the communicatively challenged population are invited. Special consideration will be given to co-authorship of presentations featuring cross-disciplines, different perspectives, and collaboration. For the 2015 Convention, the roles of mentors; evidence-based practice and scholarship; and processes to support leadership development across all practice settings are strongly encouraged. Students and professionals in related disciplines are encouraged to submit. Please be advised that this year's program committee seeks presentations that will fit appropriately into a 3-hour time slot.This may mean that 90-minute submissions on similar topics may be combined into a special 3-hour session. In addition, we are seeking proposals from undergraduate and graduate students currently engaged in research that are 15-minute research presentations to be grouped into a 90-minute session.

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  • SEMINAR: A 3-hour presentation
  • MINI-SEMINAR: A 90-minute presentation. Only a limited number of these sessions will be offered. Preference will be given to those 90-minute sessions that might be combined with another 90-minute session on the same or related topic in order to create a 3-hour presentation.
  • STUDENT RESEARCH: A 15-minute research presentation. Students (undergraduate, masters and doctoral level) who are currently engaged in research projects that may include thesis, dissertation or other research work are encouraged to submit papers that can be summarized in brief presentations. Several 15-minute papers will be grouped into a 90-minute session to follow the student luncheon.
  • POSTER SESSION: Poster board visual presentation format. 4 feet high x 8 feet wide, freestanding poster/tack board will be made available. Audiovisual equipment cannot be used. Displays should be presented in a professional manner with graphs, lettering, and photos sufficiently large to be viewed from a distance of four feet. Typewritten or hand printed materials are NOT acceptable. The poster should "speak for itself" so that time can be spent interacting with viewers. Handouts are highly encouraged to be distributed in conjunction with the presentation. You will be required to stay with your poster board at least one of the two days for a minimum of 2 hours.


A moderator facilitates each session. To serve as a moderator, please click here.


All proposals should submitted as follows:
  1. Abstract page (75 150 words summarizing major aspects of the presentation to be printed in the Convention program book). Title of proposal along with speakers and their affiliations should be listed. Be sure to include the instructional level.
  2. Program Description (3 pages maximum to be submitted in addition to the abstract). A detailed narrative must include: goals and objectives, an overview of the information to be presented, a description of activities involving audience participation, and a short bibliography (2 3 references minimum). A time ordered agenda and learning outcomes are also required as all selected proposals will be submitted for continuing education approval by both the state licensing board and the national organization (ASHA)
  3. Biographical information that includes all presenters (maximum 50 words/presenter.)
  4. Learning Outcomes – List at least three learning outcomes participants will gain from session attendance. This MUST be included with your proposal for it to be accepted.
***No fax or e-mail proposals will be accepted. No proposals will be accepted after August 1, 2014.***


Proposal Submission: August 1, 2014. The first author only will be informed of the status of the proposal by November 2014. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • Presenters must NOT use their session to promote, take orders for, or sell products, services, or materials.
  • Proposal submission grants CSHA permission for audio taping and for official association photographs.